We are proud to offer our remodeling services to the consumer market, providing the best in beautifying your home. Weather it is a new bathroom or kitchen; or adding an additional room to your home; Rhino Homes will give you a seamless look that will leave you pleasantly shocked. We serve Florida with all the pride of our Sunshine State.

Our Remodeling Services



Imagine creating a room where your family and friends want to spend most of there time.

Rhino Homes Remodeling will rebuild a kitchen for you that turns cooking into a whole new experience.

Together with our customers we do everything to design a practical, quality and elegant area in your home



If you think you take forever to get ready in your bathroom, you aint seen nothing yet!! After Rhino Homes Remodeling is done, you’ll never want to come out.

Weather it’s rain shower head above you or a bath tub that feels like an oasis, you and our design team will create the spa feel you deserve



Is it that Tropical feel you are looking for, or the dark and mysterious atmosphere you so enjoy at night; Rhino Homes remodeling will install any style of tile and wood flooring that will change your home.

You will feel as if your home was just built for you



Rhino Homes Remodeling roofs create the quietness we Floridians deserve. When those storms are coming down, our customers need to look out the window to realize what’s happening.

Seasoned professionals will remove and install your new roof in a timely and clean fashion. Metal, Shingle or Tile roofs are no problem.
Our pro’s will also take care of your commercial building.


Impact Doors and Windows

Protecting our homes and families are far none the most important thing we can do.

Rhino Homes Remodeling offers the best in hurricane protection.

We provide hurricane impact doors and windows to also include low e glass. You can see them but they can’t see you.

We use the highest quality materials to assure that your new home will last forever.

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